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Celebrities home decor tips to your home

April 4, 2018

Leonardo Di Caprio – Palm Springs House  

Abstract art on a big format will make it as contemporary as possible.


Malibu House

Wood and carpet brings the classic vibe, use grey on the wall for a contemporary look to balance it.

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Walton Ford


Sofia Vergara – Beverly Hills House

Mix classic gold frames with contemporary skull art.

Art Collection


Angelina Jolie – Hollywood House

If you have plaster adornments, add plants and flowers. This combination will make classic beauty and elegance pop up.

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Dom Pattinson

Richard Serra


Jared Leto – Los Angeles House

Abstract art + a lot of white and glass will make your home clean, modern and sober. If your place is not big, keep it minimalist.


Orlando Bloom – New York Loft

Classic gold frames + bricks will make any place rustic/industrial. If you don’t have bricks, mix it with metal, pipes or wood.



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